Providing a variety of home health care services

To meet your medical and rehabilitation needs, Alliant Home Health provides exceptional nursing and therapy services in the comfort of your home. Once your doctor refers you for home health care, a nurse or therapist from Alliant Home Health will come to your home to talk to you about your health and medications. We consult with your doctor(s) to set up a plan of care specific to your needs.

Our home health services include:

  • Skilled Nursing – care that must be provided by a licensed nurse to be safe and effective. This can include: disease management, medication management, wound care, infusion and IV therapy, education on diagnoses and medication, pain management, skilled assessments, vital signs, blood draws, ostomy care, catheter maintenance, diabetic care, and more.
  • Physical Therapy – care designed to develop, maintain or restore maximum movement and functional ability. This can include ambulation and gait training, training on how to safely transfer, balance and coordination, strengthening exercises, home safety, fall prevention, orthopedic aftercare, neurological rehabilitation, manual therapy and more.
  • Occupational Therapy – care designed to improve cognitive and functional ability to perform basic activities of daily living. This can include home safety, assistive device training, education on how to safely shower and dress, energy conservation, balance and coordination, fall prevention, feeding and meal preparation and more.
  • Speech Therapy – care designed to evaluate and treat neurological and cognitive disorders that cause difficulty with communication or swallowing. This can include: development of communication and swallowing skills, cognitive retention and problem solving exercises, teaching on how to make sounds or increase language skills, techniques for swallowing without choking or inhaling food or liquid, and more.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant – non-medical care that supplements skilled nursing and therapy services. This can include: assistance with fundamental tasks of daily living such as bathing, light housework, moving safely within your home and more.
  • Medical Social Services – services that help connect patients and their families with community resources for social, emotional, financial and personal problems associated with that patient’s illness and recovery. This can include: recommending and facilitating assistance such as Medicaid, Meals on Wheels, help with transportation and referrals for community counseling, recommending alternative placement when living home alone is no longer an option, and so much more.

Please contact us to hear more about what services and specialties we offer and so we may answer any questions you have.